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kkplus Store / Kidsland LCS Limited ("we")
Personal Information Collection Statement

We collect your personal data for the following reasons, and use the guidelines and principles set out in this statement to process and hold such data. These guidelines and principles apply widely to the information we hold.

We strive to fully comply with the provisions of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, Chapter 486 of the Laws of Hong Kong. We provide this statement to demonstrate our firm commitment to protecting your privacy and to disclose our usual practice of collecting and transferring information.

Collection method

We mainly collect personal data directly by requesting you to fill in forms or questionnaires, and we also collect personal data for providing services, activities or facilities you request. We may also collect information about your Internet protocol address, browser type, domain name and browsing time.

Personal data that may be collected

In order to provide services, activities and facilities, depending on the nature of the services, activities and facilities provided, we need you to provide us with different types of personal information from time to time. The personal information we collect may include (but is not limited to) your name, age, title, address, contact number (including mobile phone and fax number) and email address. Such personal data may also relate to other persons related to the information, services, activities or facilities requested by you, such as the personal data of your children or other family members. You may choose to provide personal information or any information on your own, but failure to provide the personal or other information required by us may result in our inability to process your request or provide the services, activities and facilities requested by you.

Certain education or other courses or activities we provide are group activities, and participants have the opportunity to be photographed by our photographers and other participants of such activities. Each participant of such activities must therefore unconditionally agree to be taken by our photographers or other participants during the activities. Participants submit the application form to participate in the relevant activities to represent their acceptance of this condition.

We may also generate and compile information about you. The personal information and other information that you provide or that we generate and compile about you from time to time are collectively referred to as "your information".

Use your information

We may use your information from time to time for one or more of the following purposes:

i. Providing services, activities and facilities and processing related applications or requirements, including but not limited to processing applications for activities;
ii. Communicate with you, including but not limited to responding to your requests for information, services, activities and facilities;
iii. Design and provide competitions, games, sweepstakes, promotions, opinion surveys and/programs;
iv. Promotion of products, services, activities, facilities and other subjects (for details, please refer to the section "Use of Your Information in Direct Marketing" below, you can choose not to receive promotional information);
v. Conduct internal statistical research and analysis;
vi. Disclosure under any laws, court orders, orders, codes or guidelines applicable within or outside Hong Kong
vii. Investigate and handle complaints or cases involving kkplus Store, or any of our customers, or users on social media; and
viii. Prevent, detect or investigate suspicious or illegal activities. If personal information will be displayed after collection, such as announcing the details of the winners of the contest, we will appropriately anonymous the information and inform you in advance.

Disclosure of your information

We value all personal data we receive and try our best to maintain its privacy. Unless your prior consent or legal requirements, we will not transfer or disclose your information to any third party, but we may transfer or disclose your information within or outside Hong Kong as described below (and we will not transfer your information to another party Data for its use in direct marketing):

i. Our affiliates, associates and/or business partners;
ii. Any person, agent, consultant, auditor, contractor or service provider who provides us with services or advice on our operations (enabling us to provide or assist us in providing the services, activities or facilities you request);
iii. If you agree or do not object to our use of your information in direct marketing (for details, please refer to the "Use of Your Information in Direct Marketing" section below), we will share information with them to provide you with special offers and information for promotional communications and operations partner;
iv. Anyone who is responsible for confidentiality to us; and
v. Any person to whom we need to disclose in accordance with any applicable laws, court orders, orders, codes or guidelines within or outside Hong Kong. Because we are unable to control the behavior of any third party who is not our agent (such as any government agency to which we need to disclose your information), you should note that the privacy protection set out in this statement does not apply to Any information disclosed by these third parties. We will try our best to only deal with responsible third parties, but we are not responsible for the privacy protection provided by these third parties.

Use your information in direct marketing

Unless you agree or do not object, we can use your information in direct marketing. Regarding direct sales, we intend to:

i. Use your name, contact details, customer analysis data, donation records and service, product and activity portfolio information that we collect, compile, generate or hold from time to time; and
ii. Promotion and promotion of products, services, activities, facilities, competitions, games, sweepstakes, promotions and/or projects related to kkplus Store or our business and partners, including but not limited to kkplus Store activities, news and information

If you do not want us to use your information in direct marketing, please inform us to exercise your right to opt out of direct marketing. You can also write to the following email or contact us at any time according to the contact information provided in the direct marketing information to choose not to accept direct marketing.

Check and correct information

You have the right to access and (if applicable) correct or update any personal data we hold about you. You also have the right to request details of our privacy policy and the types of personal data we hold.

If you wish to exercise any of these rights, please email our staff to info.kkplus@kidslandholdings.com

Kkplus Store / Kidsland LCS Limited(「我們」)

我們爲了下列理由在此收集閣下的個人資料,並以此聲明所列明的指引及原則,處理及持有該等資料。該等指引及原則廣泛適用於我們持有的資料。我們力圖充分遵守香港法例第486章個人資料(私隱)條例的條文。 我們提供此聲明以表明我們對保護閣下私隱的堅定承諾及披露我們收集及移轉資料的慣常做法。


我們主要透過請求閣下填寫表格或問卷直接收集個人資料,亦會為提供閣下要求的服務、活動或設施收集個人資料。 我們亦可能收集有關閣下的互聯網協定地址、瀏覽器類型、域名及瀏覽時間的資料。




i. 提供服務、活動及設施及處理有關的申請或要求,包括但不限於處理活動的申請;
ii. 與閣下溝通,包括但不限於回應閣下對資訊、服務、活動及設施的要求;
iii. 設計及提供比賽、遊戲、抽獎、推廣、意見調查及/節目; iv. 促銷産品、服務、活動、設施及其他標的(詳情請參閱以下「在直接促銷中使用閣下資料」部分,閣下可選擇不接收促銷資訊);
v. 進行內部統計研究及分析;
vi. 在香港境內或境外適用的任何法律、法院命令、指令、守則或指引要求下作出披露
vii. 調查及處理涉及kkplus Store,或我們的任何客人、或社交媒體上使用者的投訴或個案;及
viii. 預防、偵測或調查可疑或非法活動。 若個人資料將於收集後被顯示,例如宣布比賽獲獎人士詳情,我們將適當地把資料匿名並預先告知閣下。


i. 我們的附屬公司、聯營公司及/或商業夥伴;
ii. 就我們的運作向我們提供服務或意見(使我們能夠提供或協助我們提供閣下要求的服務、活動或設施)的任何人員、代理人、顧問、核數師、承包商或服務供應商;
iii. 若閣下同意或不反對我們在直接促銷中使用閣下資料(詳情請參閱以下「在直接促銷中使用閣下資料」部分),我們與其分享資料以向閣下提供特別優惠及資訊的促銷傳訊及營運夥伴;
iv. 對我們有保密責任的任何人士;
v. 我們根據香港境內或境外適用的任何法律、法院命令、指令、守則或指引要求需要向其作出披露的任何人士。 因我們無力控制非我們代理人的任何第三方(例如我們需要向其披露閣下資料的任何政府機構)的行爲,閣下應留意此聲明內所載列的私隱保障並不適用於根據此聲明向該等第三方披露的任何資料。我們會盡量只跟負責任的第三方往來,但我們對該等第三方所提供的私隱保障並不負責。


i. 使用我們不時收集、編制、産生或持有的閣下姓名、聯絡詳情、客戶分析資料、捐款紀錄及服務、産品及活動組合資料;及
ii. 促銷及推廣有關kkplus Store或我們的商業及合作夥伴的産品、服務、活動、設施、 比賽、遊戲、抽獎、推廣及/或項目,包括而不限於kkplus Store的活動、消息及資訊


如閣下希望行使任何該等權利,煩請向我們的工作人員發送電郵至 info.kkplus@kidslandholdings.com