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Purchase product

1. Check order status

After successfully completing the purchase, you will receive an "Order Confirmation" email with the confirmed order product information. If you purchase products as a member of kkplus Online Store, please log in and go to "My Account" and click "My Order" to check the status of the order in "Order Details".

2. Modify or cancel online orders

Once the order is confirmed, it will not be modified or canceled.

3. Change the delivery address on the order

Please email us the address that needs to be changed within 12 hours or less after receiving the confirmation email, otherwise, if the goods have been transferred to SF Express, you need to contact SF Express yourself for delivery matters. SF Express Customer Service Hotline 2730 0273 Monday to Friday 08:00-20:30 Saturday, Sunday, holiday 08:00-20:00

4. Payment method

LEGO®️ Certified Online Store accepts Visa, Master, American Express, PayMe(coming soon), FPS and Alipay payments.

5. Currency displayed

All prices and settlements in kkplus Online Store are in Hong Kong dollars.

6. Unsuccessful order submission

Your order was not successfully submitted. It may be caused by payment failure or other reasons. You can try again. If the situation persists, please contact the card issuing bank first, or contact us for more assistance. If the order payment fails, the goods you selected will be put back on the website for sale. If you want to continue your purchase, you need to put the goods back into the shopping cart again.

7. Shopping limit

The special edition products can only be purchased at most 2 pieces. If this limit is exceeded, the order cannot be paid.

8. Time required for deduction

Under normal circumstances, online orders will be charged on the day the order is confirmed.

9. Can I add products after the order is submitted?

Once an order is submitted, it is not possible to purchase additional items in the same order. You can re-create a new order to add goods.

10. Goods placed in the shopping cart do not guarantee the purchase

Please note that the items placed in the shopping cart do not guarantee the purchase. Whether they can be purchased depends on the supply of goods at the time of payment. Therefore, if you decide to purchase, please pay as soon as possible.

11. Supply of gifts

Gifts are automatically added to the shopping cart depending on whether the goods or the amount you buy meets the gift conditions, but please note that the goods and gifts in the shopping cart do not guarantee the purchase before payment. The purchase depends on the time of payment. The quantity is available, so if you decide to buy, please pay as soon as possible.

Delivery & Pickup

1. Delivery time after ordering the product

Under normal circumstances, the product will be delivered to the designated address or SF Express store within 2 working days after the order is confirmed. For the designated address, please refer to [Delivery Details] We will do our best to deliver within the estimate, but the estimated time is only an estimate and cannot be guaranteed. You can also check the logistics status on this page. In addition, we do not rule out that the delivery time will be affected by holidays (such as Christmas, Lunar New Year and Easter). We will also work hard to ensure that the packaging is complete when you receive the goods, but if the boxed watch of the goods is damaged, dented or deformed due to the time of delivery, we cannot return or exchange it.

2. Ship out of Hong Kong

We are very sorry. Currently, all orders within Hong Kong are only accepted (please refer to [Delivery Details] for regions not included). Other overseas deliveries are currently not supported.

3. SF Express store pickup

After receiving the "Pickup Notification" SMS, you can pick it up at the designated SF Express store according to the content of the SMS. When picking up the package, please show the "Pickup Notice" as a voucher. After the staff has verified that the package name is correct, you can sign for the package. If you entrust another person to collect the item, the agent must also show the "Pickup Notice" to the staff before the item can be picked up.

4. Failure to pick up the goods at the "self-pickup service" location within the collection period

If the customer fails to pick up the goods as scheduled due to personal reasons, please contact SF Express to make arrangements. SF Express may charge additional administrative fees due to the delay.

5. Can I modify the delivery method?

Sorry, we do not provide order modification, including shipping methods.

6. The latest delivery time for home delivery

The normal delivery time of SF Express is 19:00 on the same day, and the latest delivery time for outlying islands is 18:00. If there are special circumstances, you can call SF Express to make an appointment. SF Express Customer Service Hotline 2730 0273 Monday to Friday 08:00-20:30 Saturday, Sunday, holiday 08:00-20:00

7. I did not receive the "Pickup Notification" SMS

You can log in to your member account, enter "My Orders", and check the shipment progress of related orders in "Order Details". If the goods have arrived at the SF store but you still have not received the "Pickup Notification" SMS, you can directly contact SF Express for the arrangement of picking up the goods.

8. I receive the "Pickup Notification" SMS after completing the pick-up

Since the "Pickup Notification" SMS is set to be sent uniformly by the system, it is mainly to remind you to pick up the goods at the SF store within the time limit. If you have already paid and picked up the goods, you do not need to ignore the notification.

9. I did not have my product when I picked it up at the SF store

If you have received the "Pickup Notification" SMS, and then proceed to pick up the product according to the normal procedure, but you cannot pick up the product smoothly, please email us with the order number, registered name and phone number to info@kidslandholdings.com. We will follow up for you as soon as possible.

10. What delivery services are available?

You can choose "SF Service Center Self-Pickup Service", "By the Way Smart Cabinet"(Coming soon), "7-11 Convenience Store Pickup", "OK Convenience Store Pickup" or "Shipping Service".

11. Shipping costs for online orders

If the order amount is HK$800 or above, shipping is free. If the order amount is HK$799 or less, HK$40 will be charged as the shipping fee. Please note: during the promotion period, the shipping fee will be different.

Refund & exchange

1. Refund or exchange

Generally, if the order has been submitted and paid, no refunds will be accepted. If you need to replace, refund, or find any problems with the goods, please bring the goods to the store and present a valid receipt within 14 working days from the date of receipt. You can also email the order number, registration name and phone number to info@kidslandholdings.com, and we will follow up for you as soon as possible.

2. The product is found to be inconsistent with the order content

If you find any problems with the goods, please email the order number, registered name and phone number to info@kidslandholdings.com within 14 working days from the date of receipt to contact us for follow-up.


1. 查詢訂單情況

成功完成購買後,將收到「訂單確認」電郵,內附已確認之訂購產品資料。 如果你以 kkplus Online Store之會員身份購買產品,請登入後到「我的帳戶」內點選「我的訂單」,即可於「訂單詳情」內查詢該訂單的狀態。

2. 修改或取消網上訂單


3. 需更改訂單上的收貨地址

如需更改訂單上的收貨地址,請於收到訂單確認電郵後的12小時內,電郵給我們需要更改的正確地址,一旦貨品已轉交順豐速遞,有關更改送貨地址事宜,需自行與順豐速遞聯絡。 順豐速運客戶服務熱線 (+852) 2730 0273 服務時間:星期一至星期五 08:00 - 20:30 星期六、日及公眾假期 08:00 - 20:00

4. 付款方式

kkplus Online Store接受Visa、Master、American Express、PayMe (即將推出)、轉數快及支付寶付款。

5. 顯示之貨幣

kkplus Online Store 內所有價格和結算均為港元。

6. 提交訂單不成功


7. 購物限額


8. 扣費所需時間


9. 於訂單提交後添加商品


10. 放到購物車之貨品,並不代表能保留貨品


11. 贈品供應



1. 訂購產品後的到貨時間

一般情況下,產品會於確認訂單後2個工作天內送到指定地址或順豐門市,指定地址可參閲 [送貨詳情] 我們將會盡最大努力於估計內送到,但預計時間只是估計,並不能保證。你亦可以於本網頁查詢物流狀況。另外我們不排除運送時間會因節日(如:聖誕節、農歷新年及復活節)而有所影響。我們亦會致力確保你收到貨品時包裝完整無缺,但如果因為運送時令到貨品盒裝表品有破損,凹陷或變形,我們恕不能退換。

2. 配送範圍

送貨服務只限香港。送貨服務不包括香港的禁區範圍和離島 (如: 大嶼山 (東涌除外)、 坪洲、長洲、南丫島、蒲台島、馬灣和愉景灣)。

3. 順豐門市取貨

收到「取貨通知」短訊後,依照短訊的內容到指定順豐門市取件即可。取件時,請出示「取貨通知」為憑證,待工作人員核對包裹姓名正確無誤後,即可簽收包裹。 如你委託他人代領,代領人也需出示「取貨通知」給工作人員才能取件。

4. 沒有在領取的期限內於「自取服務」地點取貨


5. 修改配送方式


6. 選擇「送貨上門」須知

所有貨品均使用順豐速運代為運送。你需要在送貨單上必須簽名作實。請確保有人於閣下提供的送貨地址簽收作實。所有盒裝圖片只供參考,實際以收到貨品為準 順豐速遞的正常送貨時間最晚為當天的19:00,而離島地區最晚送貨時間為18:00。 如有特殊情況,你可以致電順豐進行預約。 順豐速運客戶服務熱線 (+852) 2730 0273 服務時間:星期一至星期五 08:00 - 20:30 星期六、日及公眾假期 08:00 - 20:00

7. 沒有收到「取貨通知」短訊

你可利用登入會員帳戶,進入「我的訂單」,即可於「訂單詳情」內查詢相關訂單出貨進度。 如貨品已經到達順豐門市但你仍未收到「取貨通知」短訊,你可直接向順豐查詢有關領取貨品之安排。

8. 完成取貨後收到「取貨通知」短訊


9. 到順豐門市取貨時卻沒有我的產品


10. 有哪些配送服務可供選擇?


11. 線上訂單之運費

運費是根據訂單金額(實價)計算。訂單金額(實價)超過HK$800可獲得免費送貨服務。 如訂購金額為HK$800或以上,運費全免。 如訂購金額為HK$799或以下,將收取HK$40為運費。 請注意:推廣期間,運費將有所不同。


1. 退款或退換

一般情況下,訂單如已提交並付款,恕不接受退款。如需更換、退款或發現貨品有任何問題,請於收貨日起計14個工作天內攜同貨品到專門店並出示有效的收據辦理。你亦可將訂單號碼、登記姓名和電話號碼一併電郵至info.kkplus@kidslandholdings.com 與我們聯絡,我們將盡快為你跟進。

2. 如發現產品和訂單內容不符

如發現貨品有任何問題,請於收貨日起計14個工作天內將訂單號碼、登記姓名和電話號碼一併電郵至info.kkplus@kidslandholdings.com 與我們聯絡跟進。